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METEOR Pixel Tube

The APARO Meteor series pixel sticks are built with APARO's latest RGBCW technology, which can perform accurate bi-color light source from tungsten to daylight (CCT), HSI & RGB, and tons of different lighting scene effects, including RGBCW matrix effect. It can be connected with DeSal Lite+ Bluetooth APP for remote lighting control, IOS & Android APP are available to download on Apple APP Store and Playstore.

Considering the flexibility and mobility during use, Meteor 60 comes with a built-in battery (7.4V/3200MAH), which is suitable for outdoor use. Meteor 60 has been tested to last up to two hours of continuous use at full power output.

Meteor pixel sticks (Meteor 60, Meteor 120, Meteor 240) are available in three sizes, 2 feet/20W, 4 feet/40W, 8 feet/80W, all three models are made of durable aluminum housing to provide long lasting fixture protection. Meteor is also equipped with mini XLR input and output ports to support DMX to meet different lighting control needs.

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