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APARO AG1 Wireless Transceiver
Introducing the APARO AG1, a cutting-edge wireless transceiver designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern lighting and stage production. With its advanced technology and robust features, the AG1 sets a new standard for wireless communication in professional environments.


Key Features:
Lumenradio Wireless 1x512 Channel: The AG1 leverages Lumenradio's reliable and industry-leading wireless technology, supporting up to 512 DMX channels for seamless integration with your lighting setup.


DMX, Full-duplex RDM: Experience full-duplex communication with the AG1's support for DMX and RDM, ensuring smooth and efficient data transmission and remote device management.


ASC, NSC Communication Protocol: The AG1 is compatible with ASC and NSC communication protocols, providing versatility and compatibility with various lighting systems and controllers.


Wireless DMX Signal G3/G4s: Enjoy the flexibility of wireless DMX signal transmission with G3/G4s technology, offering stable and interference-free performance in any environment.


Wireless Range of 500 Meters: The AG1 boasts an impressive wireless range of up to 500 meters, allowing for reliable long-distance communication without the need for extensive cabling.


With the APARO AG1 Wireless Transceiver, you get a reliable and high-performance solution for your lighting and stage production needs. Its advanced features and robust design make it an ideal choice for professionals seeking top-tier performance and versatility in their wireless communication systems.


Indicator Light Status:

TX : Signal Transmission Mode

RX : Signal Receiving Mode

RF_LINK : Signal Transmission Or Receiving Status

LINK : Device Connection Status

STATUS : Output/receiving Status

RDM : RDM Operating Status

DMX : DMX Operating Status



Charging Standard : 5V 3A Type-C

Battery Capacity : 9.3Wh

Standby Power Consumption : 0.57Wh

Standby Time : 15h

Working Time : 6h

Size : 88 x 93 x 40mm

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