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Introducing the APARO HT-12C LED Air Tube, a cutting-edge lighting solution designed to elevate your creative projects with unparalleled versatility and performance. Featuring a standard CCT range from 2500K to 6500K, this innovative LED tube delivers precise and customizable lighting to suit any environment. The RGBWW capability, combined with HSI and 20 built-in FX scene effects, allows for dynamic color rendering and creative flexibility. With a remarkable CRI of 96+, the HT-12C ensures superior color accuracy for professional-grade results, making it an essential tool for photographers, videographers, and content creators.


Weighing only 0.3kg, the HT-12C is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to transport and handle on any shoot. The unique design includes an air diffuser that allows for quick and effortless inflation, providing a soft and even light distribution. When not in use, the tube can be easily deflated and folded into a compact size for convenient storage. Additionally, the HT-12C offers a usage time of 80 minutes when operating at full power, ensuring reliable performance throughout your sessions. Whether you are on location or in the studio, the APARO HT-12C LED Air Tube offers the perfect blend of functionality and convenience, ensuring you have the right light whenever and wherever you need it.



Model: HT-12C
Power: 12W
No. of LED (SMD): 32pcs x W / 32pcs x T / 32pcs x RGB
Operating Voltage: 5-9V 2A

Battery : 7.4V 2600mAh

Usage Time : 5500K 100% Output for 80mins
Color Temperature: 2500K - 6500K (step-less)
Dimming: 0-100% Step-less dimming
Beam Angle: 71º
CRI: 96

LUX (2500K): 0.5M:510 / 1M:148 / 2M:39
LUX (6500K): 0.5M:663 / 1M:190 / 2M:50

Size: 645 x 95 x 80mm (when inflated)

Weight : 300g


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