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Meteor 120L (CRMX)

Meteor 120L (CRMX)

APARO's Meteor series pixel sticks incorporate the latest RGBWW technology, enabling them to deliver precise bi-color light sources ranging from tungsten to daylight (CCT), along with HSI & RGB capabilities. These pixel sticks offer a diverse range of lighting scene effects, including the RGBWW matrix effect. For convenient remote lighting control, the pixel sticks can be seamlessly connected to the DeSal Lite+ Bluetooth APP, which can be downloaded from the Apple APP Store and Playstore for both iOS and Android platforms.


To ensure optimal flexibility and mobility during usage, the Meteor pixel tubes are equipped with a built-in battery that can operate on DC power or be connected to AC power, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Rigorous testing has demonstrated that the Meteor series can sustain up to two hours of continuous use at maximum power output.


The Meteor pixel sticks are available in four sizes: Meteor 30, Meteor 60, Meteor 120, and Meteor 240, each offering varying power outputs (10W, 20W, 40W, and 80W, respectively). These models are constructed with durable aluminum housing, providing robust protection for the fixtures and ensuring their longevity. Additionally, the Meteor series boasts mini XLR input and output ports, facilitating DMX support to meet a wide range of lighting control requirements. The Meteor-L models, featuring Lumenradio CRMX versions, are also available for enhanced versatility.


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Model : Meteor 120L
Output : 40W

LEDs : 120pcs x <W> / 120pcs x <T> / 120pcs x <RGB>

Pixel Points : 120
Battery Capacity : 14.4V 92Wh

Operating Voltage : DC 19.8V 4A

Bi-Color : 2000K-20000K

Operating Time (full output) : 120mins

APP : Compatible with DeSal Lite+
LUX (2000K) : 0.5M 1040 / 1M 355 /2M 116

LUX (5600K) : 0.5M 1620 / 1M 543 /2M 181
Dimension : dia.48 x 1278mm
Weight : 1.87kg

Magnetic Connection : No

Lumenradio CRMX : Yes


METEOR 120L-K4 : 4-light-kit

Meteor 120L x 4

1 to 4 charger x 1

Connector x 4

Holder x 4

Spigot x 4

Stand x 4

Hard protection case x 1


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