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RADI-24-1 Air

RADI-24-1 Air

The RADI Air bi-color LED mat boasts an innovative inflatable softbox design and utilizes the latest SMD LED technology. Its soft, high-quality housing is lightweight and easy to carry around. The selected LED beads have high brightness, stable color temperature, a high color rendering index (CRI) of 96+, and are energy-saving and long-lasting. The LED mat features adjustable bi-color light sources from 2500K-6500K, providing filmmakers with limitless possibilities for lighting arrangements.


The built-in scene lighting effects, such as lightning, screen, and candlelight, can be freely adjusted for brightness and frequency, allowing for more efficient shooting in different environments.

The integrated intelligent control box design combines power regulation into a single unit, and the dual-channel power supply system is plug-and-play, making it easy to adapt to changes in shooting locations and ensuring that lighting is always available. It supports "DeSal Lite+" mobile app intelligent light control, enabling "zero-distance" control of people and lamps with a one-step operation. The LED mat also features a built-in wireless DMX module, which wirelessly connects to a DMX console (while retaining a wired DMX port), eliminating the constraints of wiring and seamlessly connecting with the control console. It is suitable for lighting in various scenes such as portrait shooting, studio broadcasting, film shooting, and program interviews.


Each Radi Air comes with an air inflator for the air softbox, a foldable grid, and an X-frame for use on a light stand as an LED panel. Extension cables and a choice of connection accessories are available to order based on your preferences. Most Radi Air models are compatible with both AC and DC power, making them suitable for both on-location and studio production.

RADI-24-1pro Air
LED : 880pcs x TUNSTEN / 880pcs x WHITE
Output Wattage : 360W
Color Temperature : 2500K - 6500K

Voltage : AC 100V-240V
Dimming : 0-100% Step-less dimming
Control Function : DMX-512
Beam Angle : 62°
CRI : 95
LUX : 2500K 0.5M:21200 1M:5860 2M:1440 3M:669

LUX : 5600K 0.5M:26000 1M:6930 2M:1720 3M:794

Control Box : 250 x170 x 195mm

LED Air : 1240mm x dia.625mm

Weight : LED Mat 2kg (include air diffusor 4.1kg) / Control Box 3.11kg

Remote Control :  DeSal Lite+ APP

DMX : XLR 5-pin In & Out

Wireless DMX : Connecting through BG1

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