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Tank 80B

Tank 80B

TANK-series (COB)


The Aparo Tank 80B is an 80W COB bi-color light. It is built with a compact and modern housing and can be operated on both AC and DC power, making it ideal for both in-studio and outdoor filming. The light is developed with a small-sized mounting bayonet to provide a sturdy mounting feature with light modifiers, which is indispensable for any professional use. The new COB LED chip provides high CRI 95+ lighting accuracy, with decent brightness, producing 20800 LUX of daylight at a 1-meter distance.


The Tank 80B comes with a built-in Bluetooth APP control feature that can be used with the DeSal Lite+ APP, allowing for remote control from up to 20 meters away (the control range could be further without interference). This feature makes it easier for the key light to communicate with the fill light or back light. The Tank 80B also has built-in lighting scene effects such as lightning, strobe, candle, TV, and paparazzi, making it easier than ever to create special scenes in a film.


Tank 80B

LED : 1 x 80W

Wattage : 80W

Color Temperature : 2500K - 9999K

Operating Voltage : DC-16.8V 8A

Control Function : APP Control

Beam Angle : 29°

CRI : 96

LUX (0.5M / 1M / 2M) 2500K : 0.5M 118000 / 1M 14500 / 2M 2520

LUX (0.5M / 1M / 2M) 5600K : 0.5M 171000 / 1M 20800 / 2M 3700

Dimensions : 235x145x95mm

Weight : 0.9kg

Fan Noise : 0.2M:34.5dB 0.5M:32.8dB

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